Face and Body

Curvy vs. Straight

** The following article will detail differences in body shapes and weight gain. I also use words like skinny, curvy, straight and big. Please be aware that in the following context these words are meant to be completely neutral. None of these is better than the other and all of you ladies are equally beautiful!**

This is actually one of the things that really drives me insane. And I need to finally vent because I had a recent argument about it again.

In the media, on the street and pretty much everywhere it’s skinny vs. curvy. And that is just bullshit not only because everybody is perfect just the way they are, but because these two things are not mutually exclusive at all. Skinny girls can be curvy and bigger girls can have straight bodies.

What is curviness? Women look curvy when their hips and bust are wider than their waist. Strictly speaking the larger the difference between these measurements, the curvier a woman is, e.g. a high waist to hip ratio. Surprise, that has absolutely nothing to do with weight. In fact, if you have a curvy body, you keep it no matter your weight. Same goes for girls with straight bodies. It’s genetic and a large portion of this is actually based on your bone structure (width of rib cage and hipbones). Does bone structure change when you lose weight? I don’t think so.

I have been at every point in the BMI range from slightly underweight to obesity class 1. I’ve always been curvy. I’m currently a US size 6 – 8 and I’m curvy. No matter what happens I will always be curvy. And so will be billions of other women, who are probably pretty tired of hearing time and time again, that they can’t face the same problems in finding flattering fashion that bigger girls face, just because “they’re too skinny”.

Then why is skinny vs. curvy even a thing? Quite possibly because the majority of runway models are skinny and happen to have straight bodies. Therefore it seems like a logical conclusion that skinny girls aren’t curvy and therefore to be curvy you have to be bigger. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Look at Anjelica Huston as an example, when she was younger and very slim her body was completely straight. In recent years she gained a bit of weight, but that didn’t make her curvier than before. Her body still remains straight with most of her weight gain collecting in the torso area.

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica HustonAnjelica Huston at the beach

Now look at the second picture again. Notice the woman next to Anjelica Huston on the right? They have a similar height and I’d go so far to say they probably have a similar weight. Still the woman on the right is curvier.

P.S. In case you’re wondering Anjelica Huston is a Kibbe verified Dramatic.


Exploring Kibbe – Yin vs. Yang

When you start working with the Kibbe system you might be wondering why there are two types of yang (Dramatic and Natural) and only one type of yin. Actually, that isn’t the case. Just like there is sharp and blunt yang, there also is sharp and blunt yin. Blunt yin is the typical Romantic yin. You’ll notice Kibbe defines this yin as softly wide and rounded. But where is the sharp yin? It’s slightly hidden because it is strictly a Theatrical Romantic thing. TRs are not their own group, but imo they should be.

This would give a more balanced scale where Dramatic and Natural are on the yang side, while Romantic and Theatrical Romantic are on the yin side with classic and gamine resting between them.

However, there is a good reason why TR is not a base type. Sharp yin is never an undercurrent like D, N and R are. All soft types get added blunt yin. So TR is kinda special being the only sharp yin type. Don’t get me wrong the Soft Dramatic has sharpness and a yin undercurrent, but that sharpness comes from their Dramatic base and not their Romantic undercurrent.

In my opinion, the groups are linked to the quiz answers as follows:

A = sharp yang (Dramatic)

B = blunt yang (Natural)

C = balanced (Classic)

D = sharp yin (Theatrical)

E = blunt yin (Romantic)

Lots of d) answers are a pretty strong hint that you are a TR. However, depending on your other answers you could also be a different kind of soft. Soft gamine or soft classic are quite likely.

I hope this helps you come a bit closer to finding your Kibbegory.


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