Exploring Kibbe: the Book and Quiz

It’s true the book is outdated, and you definitely need to update the recommendations when following the given advice. But what is more important is that both, the book and the quiz are just tools. In fact a lot of the information you find is interpreted in a way that is far from what Kibbe meant. I am guilty of that myself. So please take everything on this Blog with a grain of Salt. Kibbe specifically said that no garment/accessory is actually one type. It all depends on how you style it.

I have spent some time reading through the strictly Kibbe group on Facebook. Especially the exercises and the comments made by David/Susan. It’s eye opening, but also can be frustrating. I recommend you work through these yourself even if you don’t plan on posting in the group. I’m not a group poster myself.

That said I am still using the guidelines published in the book. And there is a good reason for that. I may not be a Theatrical Romantic and nobody might be able to answer that but David Kibbe himself, but I enjoy the style. It is very much aligned with who I am and who I want to be seen as. It’s more about dressing for what you want to achieve than dressing strictly by the book.

Dressing in my interpretation of TR has had an amazing effect on me and my life. I seem far more approachable and warm than I did before. In fact before I started dressing this way people sometimes told me, I seemed unfriendly, cold and even slightly scary. I was not approachable and I realized I did that, because I wanted to keep people out of my life. I was not approachable. Now complete strangers will start talking to me. Ask for directions, make small talk and I generally feel they want to be in my presence. As an example just recently a bus driver looked at me when I entered the bus and just said: You’re really pretty. This was a woman I had never met before but she still felt the need to tell me. And I think that is what a successful metamorphosis does to you. People will start to see your inner sparkle and light.

Read the book, read the Facebook group. Use the book as a tool, dress like the vision you have of yourself and good things will happen.


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