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If you’ve been keeping up with my blog and other social media profiles you are already aware I’m currently weeding out my closet and shopping to slowly fill the gaps.

In fact, I think this is a really important step after you’ve found your Kibbegory, and I personally couldn’t bring myself to wear most of my closet after realizing how unflattering it was.

If you’re like me, you’ll end up with a lot of clothes to get rid of. For me, we’re talking about more than 50 items of clothes, shoes, and accessories. One of the best options is, of course, to donate them to charity. However, there are also options to get something more out of your old clothes than just good karma:


Remix is available in quite a few countries and it is so easy to use. You sign up and order a remix bag (it’s free), which is just a large and sturdy shipping bag, that can be used to mail your no longer beloved fashion items to remix. Remix will then check the quality and sell your clothes as second hand. Depending on what you sell you receive 0,62 € – 32 €+ for each item which can be used in the remix shop or transferred to your bank account. However, you can’t send everything. Remix sells a lot of brands in their shop, but the ones they don’t sell you won’t get money for. Check out remixe’s in-depth guide for more information.

H&M Garment Collecting

If remix doesn’t float your boat or you have stuff left, that they won’t sell. You might want to consider giving your clothes to H&M Garment Collecting. For every bag full of clothes/fabric (no matter quality, shape, style or brand) you’ll receive one 15 % voucher. The maximum is two vouchers per day.
I think Zara has a similar service, but I rarely shop there so I wouldn’t know.

Selling / Swapping on eBay and similar platforms

While this method will probably earn you more money/items than the other two, it’s a lot of work. I just don’t like haggling, answering several questions just to never hear back from the buyer, running to the post office and finding enough packaging material, that I generally don’t sell my clothes myself. With enough time on your hands and dedication, it’s a viable option.

Donate to charity

Generally, I recommend being careful which charities you donate to and trying to keep donations to local non-profit organizations. That way, you’ll know exactly, that your donations end up, where they are needed.


If there’s absolutely nothing you can do to get rid of your old items, trash them. I’m not a fan of this and firmly believe that everything can be recycled in one way or another, but it’s your decision.

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