Theatrical Romantic Makeup

What Kibbe says:

  • Minimal contour
  • Blush is sparkly and slightly rounded
  • Eyes need sparkle or glitter
  • A colorful highlight, bright orbital bone, deep smudged outer lid color
  • Keep away from neutral / smokey colors
  • Eyeliner is smudged, mascara is heavy
  • Lips are glossy and bright

My (slightly modernized) findings as a TR:

Dewy, light to medium coverage foundations are best, use powder sparingly.

TRs can get away with non-smudged liner on the upper lid, but especially when you do that,  you have to keep the lower lid completely soft, e.g. no liner at all.

Glitter is more important than color = Lightly pigmented (cheap) glittery eyeshadow is an option for you. Especially if you’re natural coloring doesn’t call for vivid color.

Don’t go too heavy on your brows. Define them, but match them to your hair color. Never use considerably darker colors.

Light contour is good, but not needed. Keep it to two areas, eg. nose, and cheekbones. Never do heavy contouring, it’ll make your face look too yang and clash with your body. However, there is nothing keeping you from using a lot of highlighter. Think strobing.


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