Decision and Announcement

Recently a lot about my concept of Kibbe has changed… even though I am not particularly thrilled about how things have turned out, I don’t give up so easily.

However, I feel with my recent posts I just have added to the extreme amount of online resources that are very far from what the kibbe system actually is supposed to be and they also contain outdated information from the book. So I have started building a new blog that will first deal with my journey trough Kibbe’s assignments and then I will focus on helping others figure it out. However, I don’t feel WordPress is the best option for that. It has some great features but I’m missing the customization I get with other blogs… I will post the new address once I have everything set up. Until then stay tuned!

Kibbegory, Personal

If you’re following my blog, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t been posting a lot recently. The reason for that is that I feel slightly disillusioned with Kibbe at this point.

I have spent so much time reading the book over and over, researching online and everything. I was finally at a point where I thought I had figured it out and then I stumbled onto the strictly kibbe facebook group. David posts in this community from time to time and everything he says seems to contradict the book and online resources and I feel like I’m back to the start. I have no clue where to go from here… I don’t even know if I am a theatrical romantic. After everything I’ve read, I could be any of the types.

Things that I recently learned:

  • Kibbe’s system is not about your lines  and has only to do with your essence
  • you cannot be typed on the internet based on photos
  • there are no certain bodily features that always appear in a certain type (e.g. waspish waist for TR)
  • items of clothing cannot be typed and cannot be used for testing your type
  • you cannot type yourself by only using the quiz
  • individual features like nose, shoulder or hip shape cannot be used to determine your type
  • ratios and measurements are not guiding you to your type

So what is guiding you to your type, besides a personal appointment with David Kibbe? I don’t know. There are exercises and stuff posted by him in the group to help you, but his writing style is just a pain and the posts are so ethereal and hardly contain any information. I’m a very logical person. I like categories and on point descriptions. I just can’t work with the stuff he is posting, because it means nothing to me. I feel like I spent several years figuring out this system completely in vain. And that I have no clue, what to do know. I felt so comfortable working on my TR image and now I’m just back to the start. I’m not sure which type I am. It’s even worse now, as I now even consider dramatic or classic. As an example, Mila Kunis is usually typed as a soft natural when you look her up online. But she is a kibbe verified Theatrical Romantic. Look at her next to me. Are there any similarities? If there are I don’t see them. Mila Kunis looks nothing like what I imagined a TR would look like…

But what does a TR look like according to Kibbe?

“utterly feminine and shimmering physical beauty, along with a very strong and defined sense of self and purpose”

Do I look like that? Mila Kunis must look like that, but I can’t even begin to picture that description…

Face and Body

Curvy vs. Straight

** The following article will detail differences in body shapes and weight gain. I also use words like skinny, curvy, straight and big. Please be aware that in the following context these words are meant to be completely neutral. None of these is better than the other and all of you ladies are equally beautiful!**

This is actually one of the things that really drives me insane. And I need to finally vent because I had a recent argument about it again.

In the media, on the street and pretty much everywhere it’s skinny vs. curvy. And that is just bullshit not only because everybody is perfect just the way they are, but because these two things are not mutually exclusive at all. Skinny girls can be curvy and bigger girls can have straight bodies.

What is curviness? Women look curvy when their hips and bust are wider than their waist. Strictly speaking the larger the difference between these measurements, the curvier a woman is, e.g. a high waist to hip ratio. Surprise, that has absolutely nothing to do with weight. In fact, if you have a curvy body, you keep it no matter your weight. Same goes for girls with straight bodies. It’s genetic and a large portion of this is actually based on your bone structure (width of rib cage and hipbones). Does bone structure change when you lose weight? I don’t think so.

I have been at every point in the BMI range from slightly underweight to obesity class 1. I’ve always been curvy. I’m currently a US size 6 – 8 and I’m curvy. No matter what happens I will always be curvy. And so will be billions of other women, who are probably pretty tired of hearing time and time again, that they can’t face the same problems in finding flattering fashion that bigger girls face, just because “they’re too skinny”.

Then why is skinny vs. curvy even a thing? Quite possibly because the majority of runway models are skinny and happen to have straight bodies. Therefore it seems like a logical conclusion that skinny girls aren’t curvy and therefore to be curvy you have to be bigger. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Look at Anjelica Huston as an example, when she was younger and very slim her body was completely straight. In recent years she gained a bit of weight, but that didn’t make her curvier than before. Her body still remains straight with most of her weight gain collecting in the torso area.

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica HustonAnjelica Huston at the beach

Now look at the second picture again. Notice the woman next to Anjelica Huston on the right? They have a similar height and I’d go so far to say they probably have a similar weight. Still the woman on the right is curvier.

P.S. In case you’re wondering Anjelica Huston is a Kibbe verified Dramatic.


Exploring Kibbe: the Book and Quiz

It’s true the book is outdated, and you definitely need to update the recommendations when following the given advice. But what is more important is that both, the book and the quiz are just tools. In fact a lot of the information you find is interpreted in a way that is far from what Kibbe meant. I am guilty of that myself. So please take everything on this Blog with a grain of Salt. Kibbe specifically said that no garment/accessory is actually one type. It all depends on how you style it.

I have spent some time reading through the strictly Kibbe group on Facebook. Especially the exercises and the comments made by David/Susan. It’s eye opening, but also can be frustrating. I recommend you work through these yourself even if you don’t plan on posting in the group. I’m not a group poster myself.

That said I am still using the guidelines published in the book. And there is a good reason for that. I may not be a Theatrical Romantic and nobody might be able to answer that but David Kibbe himself, but I enjoy the style. It is very much aligned with who I am and who I want to be seen as. It’s more about dressing for what you want to achieve than dressing strictly by the book.

Dressing in my interpretation of TR has had an amazing effect on me and my life. I seem far more approachable and warm than I did before. In fact before I started dressing this way people sometimes told me, I seemed unfriendly, cold and even slightly scary. I was not approachable and I realized I did that, because I wanted to keep people out of my life. I was not approachable. Now complete strangers will start talking to me. Ask for directions, make small talk and I generally feel they want to be in my presence. As an example just recently a bus driver looked at me when I entered the bus and just said: You’re really pretty. This was a woman I had never met before but she still felt the need to tell me. And I think that is what a successful metamorphosis does to you. People will start to see your inner sparkle and light.

Read the book, read the Facebook group. Use the book as a tool, dress like the vision you have of yourself and good things will happen.

Fashion, Personal

Sell, swap, donate, trash

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog and other social media profiles you are already aware I’m currently weeding out my closet and shopping to slowly fill the gaps.

In fact, I think this is a really important step after you’ve found your Kibbegory, and I personally couldn’t bring myself to wear most of my closet after realizing how unflattering it was.

If you’re like me, you’ll end up with a lot of clothes to get rid of. For me, we’re talking about more than 50 items of clothes, shoes, and accessories. One of the best options is, of course, to donate them to charity. However, there are also options to get something more out of your old clothes than just good karma:


Remix is available in quite a few countries and it is so easy to use. You sign up and order a remix bag (it’s free), which is just a large and sturdy shipping bag, that can be used to mail your no longer beloved fashion items to remix. Remix will then check the quality and sell your clothes as second hand. Depending on what you sell you receive 0,62 € – 32 €+ for each item which can be used in the remix shop or transferred to your bank account. However, you can’t send everything. Remix sells a lot of brands in their shop, but the ones they don’t sell you won’t get money for. Check out remixe’s in-depth guide for more information.

H&M Garment Collecting

If remix doesn’t float your boat or you have stuff left, that they won’t sell. You might want to consider giving your clothes to H&M Garment Collecting. For every bag full of clothes/fabric (no matter quality, shape, style or brand) you’ll receive one 15 % voucher. The maximum is two vouchers per day.
I think Zara has a similar service, but I rarely shop there so I wouldn’t know.

Selling / Swapping on eBay and similar platforms

While this method will probably earn you more money/items than the other two, it’s a lot of work. I just don’t like haggling, answering several questions just to never hear back from the buyer, running to the post office and finding enough packaging material, that I generally don’t sell my clothes myself. With enough time on your hands and dedication, it’s a viable option.

Donate to charity

Generally, I recommend being careful which charities you donate to and trying to keep donations to local non-profit organizations. That way, you’ll know exactly, that your donations end up, where they are needed.


If there’s absolutely nothing you can do to get rid of your old items, trash them. I’m not a fan of this and firmly believe that everything can be recycled in one way or another, but it’s your decision.